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Boat Service Lake Como di Marco Morganti was established in 1994 by Luigi Conazzi, Marco Morganti and Angelo Pallini, 3 partners who share a common passion for both seamanship and the unparalleled charme of their lake.


Since its establishment the company has gone through an ever growing development, allowing on one side, to increase the boats number and quality and on the other, consistently improve the service standards.
Today Boat Service operates 5 boats:
• CASTELL d’ISOLA – Dimensions: length 09.00 mts – width 2.30 mts.
• ZOCA de l’oli – Dimensions: length 09.00 mts – width 2.30 mts.
• FRECCIA dell’ISOLA – Dimensions: length 11.50 mts – width 3.15 mts.
• LARIUS – Dimensions: length 17.00 mts – width 4.50 mts.


Transfers & Lake Tours

If one should ask what our main objective really is, we could simply answer “to make our clients, appreciate Lake Como, in the best way possible.
In our opinion there’s only one way to do it and that’s from the water because only by being on the lake, one can appreciate its most secret soul and its most charming corners.
Lake Como has always been one of the most romantic places of the world, beloved by its visitors in both modern and ancient times. What’s better than cruising on its waters, then? We offer taxi services and private tours on the entire lake with stops to visit typical villages like Bellagio and Varenna, the medieval downtown of Como, magnificent villas like Villa d’Este, Villa Le Fontanelle (ex Versace’s), Villa Oleandra (George Clooney’s), Villa La Cassinella, Villa Balbianello, Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni, Villa Monastero and many others … without forgetting the Comacina Island. All itineraries are custom –designed, according to the client’s preferences.

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Our fleet and team are at your disposal to guarantee the best possible experience


Comacina Island Shuttle Service
Transfers & Lake Tours
Video & Photoshooting

We are at your disposal to help you planning your tour and choosing the most suitable boat, please request a quote by email, we will reply as soon as possible.

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The company is based in Sala Comacina a small but picturesque hamlet overlooking the Comacina island, the only islet of the entire lake.

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“Il Lario, commonly known as Lake Como (” Lagh de Comm “in Lombard, phonetic pronunciation IPA: / laːk dɛ kɔmː /), was originated from both river wearing away and the modeling action of a melting glacier who took place 6 million years ago.”

Lake Como


In 20 years time one is more likely to regret things he didn’t do over the ones he actually did. Therefore is about time to stop procastinating and just take off or rather set sail to Lake
Como to Explore … Dream … Discover …

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